One of the arbitrary marks or characters constituting the alphabet, and used in written language as the representatives of sounds or articulations of the human organs of speech. A dispatch or epistle; a written or printed message; a communication in writing from one person to another at a distance. In the imperial law of Rome, "letter" or "epistle" was the name of the answer returned by the emperor to a question of law submitted to him by the magistrates. A communication inclosed, sealed, stamped, carried and delivered by private or U.S. Postal service. Hyney v. U. S., C.C.A.Mich., 44 F.2d 134, 136; Wolpa v. U. S., C.C.A.Neb., 86 F.2d 35, 39.
A commission, patent, or written instrument containing or attesting the grant of some power, authority, or right.
The word appears in this generic sense in many compound phrases known to commercial law and jurisprudence; e.g., letter of attorney, letter missive, letter of credit, letters patent.
The plural is frequently used. Metaphorically, the verbal expression; the strict literal meaning. The letter of a statute, as distinguished from its spirit, means the strict and exact force of the language employed, as distinguished from the general purpose and policy of the law.
- letters of advice
- letters of attorney
- letters of credit
- letters of recommendation, see those titles.

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.


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